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CBI names Tony Danker as its next director-general

The CBI has announced that Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, who is stepping down as director-general in November, will be succeeded by Tony Danker, the current chief executive of Be The Business.

Fairbairn had expected to complete her five-year term in September this year but agreed with the CBI board to extend her term, to see through the urgent work of the CBI during the current crisis.

Under her leadership, the CBI is working closely with the Government to ensure successful implementation of its business support packages. It has developed its own Covid-19 hub of support and resources for CBI members and the business sector more broadly.

CBi said Danker, as CEO of Be The Business, “remains focused” on his own organisation’s response to Covid-19. In particular, he will continue to build up the support and resilience of SME businesses to withstand current pressures and emerge ready for growth.

Danker said: “It is an honour to be asked to lead the CBI, which is doing vital work in response to Covid-19. Meanwhile, Be the Business is also working to support thousands of businesses around the country through challenging times, helping them emerge resilient. This is my total focus until October.”

The outgoing president of the CBI, John Allan CBE, added: “We are very grateful that Carolyn has agreed to extend her term to complete the CBI’s enormous effort to support the economy right now.

“And we are delighted that Tony Danker will be Carolyn’s successor. Carolyn has led the CBI brilliantly for the past five years and is playing a vital role in helping our country navigate the current crisis.”

Fairbairn said: “The CBI is fully devoted to supporting businesses through this period and I am committed to leading our team on this work until I step down in November.”

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