Retail staff prefer learning new skills to pay rise, study finds

New research from CV-Library, reveals that four in 10 retail professionals (40%) say learning new skills is their main career priority right now, beating both a pay rise and a promotion.

The research, which surveyed 2,000 UK professionals, found that retail professionals also want to move companies, get a new job title and change job roles in the next 12 months. The full list of career priorities include:

1.Learn new skills (40%)

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2. Move to another company (37.1%)

3. Get a pay rise (28.6%)

4. Change industries (20%)

5. Get a new job title (20%)

6. Change job roles (20%)

7. Build a personal network (17.1%)

8. Gain a new qualification (17.1%)

9. Work for themselves (17.1%)

10. Get a promotion (11.4%)

It also found only 45.7% of the industry’s professionals believe they can meet these career priorities with their current employer, as over half (52.9%) say they employer isn’t responsive to their needs. As a result, a staggering 68.6% plan on changing jobs in order to achieve their dreams.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said: “It’s always great to have goals in mind at work, but if these aren’t being met at your current job, don’t suffer in silence. Discuss your progression with your boss and explain what you’d like the next steps to look like.

“If you still aren’t satisfied and think you’ll get better opportunities elsewhere, then don’t hold back. Just be sure to read job adverts thoroughly and ask the right questions in interviews to ensure it meets your needs.”

The survey also asked respondents what their top career goals are for the next three and five years, with the trend of getting a pay rise (41.2% in three years and 37.5% in five) and learning new skills (41.2% in the next three years and 34.4% in five) remaining a high priority.

Biggins added: “There’s definitely more to a job role than your salary. So, when negotiating a new contract or a job offer, don’t just consider the pay packet. Think about the career development opportunities, the workplace perks on offer and the relationships you can make in the industry if the salary falls short of your expectations.

“Indeed, it’s promising to see that so many of workers in the retail industry are keen to learn new skills. This can definitely make you more employable, especially as many employers are struggling to find the right hires right now. Learning new skills is an excellent way to secure yourself more opportunities and a better paid job down the line.”

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