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Arket launches recycling scheme for ‘unwanted’ clothes and shoes

Fashion retailer Arket has announced a new recycling scheme for unwanted clothes and shoes, due to launch at the end of April at all of its stores.

Customers will be able to bring “unwanted textiles” to any store, where the products will be taken care of and returned to the circular fashion loop. The retailer said clothing, shoes and home textiles – from any brand, in any condition – as well as product packaging will be sorted depending on its condition and “given a new purpose”.

According to the group, a lot of unwanted clothes end up in landfills, even though they could still be “used as a valuable resource”. The recycling of textiles and shoes is handled by Arket’s partner I:Collect. All items are sorted into three different categories depending on their condition – rewear, reuse or recycle.

Lea Rytz Goldman, managing director, said: “We’re happy to offer our customers an easy way to recycle their unwanted clothes and textiles. Sustainability and circularity have been primary considerations in the development of Arket, so this feels a natural next step for us.”

“The recycling program is an additional service offered to make sure no textiles are thrown away and go to waste. Sustainability was one of the starting points when developing the Arket brand.”

She added: “Besides being a consequence of a focus on the long-lasting in design and production, it is naturally incorporated in all processes, from the choice of suppliers and materials to informing customers about how to care for and prolong the life of their products.”

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